• unique approach
    Various Technologies, One Stop Shop for Recruitment Sources
  • Quick Turnaround
    Fast Placements
    People Supply Chain co-ordinates with company's HR team to complete the recruitment
    process in quick turnaround, resulting in fast placements for our candidates. We fulfil our client
    companies' requirements with consistent and qualified resources so that they get their work done
  • Statutory
    In subcontracting the vendor takes care of the statutory compliances of all the employees,
    needing an entire team to ensure all the statutory payments are made in time and all
    the documentation is maintained up to-date.

    We understand the business needs and are well qualified and equipped to handle all hurdles.
  • Excellent

Why People Supply Chain?

The discussion of why a client should work with People Supply Chain is divided into 3 parts. The first part is about recognizing The Problem and the second part is about the Current Solutions in the market and their issues and the third part is The Solution provided by People Supply Chain.

The Problem

  • Finding the right talent at the right time at the right cost: It is not always possible to forecast and hire the talent that will be needed for all the new assignments which the business acquires. Hence at many times there is a need to obtain the right talent on an immediate basis.
  • Mismatch of Employees: Many times the candidates who join don’t fit the domain or the culture of the organization
  • Job portals need to search, filter thousands of applications to find the right candidate. Cheap but Time consuming
  • Employee Referrals -- Good. But you never get the person you want WHEN you want them.

Current Solutions provided by our Competition

  • Sourcing using Keywords: Don't understand the actual job description or requirement and just do a keyword search in the portals and source the CV.
  • Limited or Poor Follow-ups: Provide the CV and just leave it for the clients to do the entire follow-ups with the candidates
  • Mismatch in Domain and Culture – Candidates are sourced by matching the skills but not with the domain or the culture of the organization. As a result the candidates join and leave in a short period

The Solution:
We work as Partners not as Vendors

  • We work with 1 and only 1 goal which is to solve our customers' problems and we do just that.
  • We understand the business and cultural needs of our customers to ensure we target the right candidates for the job.
  • We provide end to end recruitment services to ensure that the candidates are best suited for the job and such who are interested to make their careers with our customers.
  • In the RPO model stretching that extra bit, going that extra mile, People Supply Chain's commitment to partnership ensures that its team performs as an extension to the customer's own recruitment division.


You Name It, We get It!

PSC has dedicated industry wise recruitment teams. They understand the business domain and hence able to understand the needs of our customers.


Huge Database and Network

Our huge database and network of candidates helps us to identify and select the right candidate much faster than starting a fresh search.

Wide Skill Sets

You Name It, We get It!

Technology keeps changing everyday and there is a new IT skill being added to the list everyday. We provide IT professionals from the oldest to the latest skills allowing companies to manage their legacy systems while jumping to the cutting edge of technology.

Fast Recruitments

Get the Right Fit – Immediately

The idea of Staff Augmentation or Temp Recruitment is to get the right candidate on an immediate basis. Clients can choose from our ready candidates on Bench. If none is suitable to the client need our Agile Process allows us to search a fresh candidate matching the requirement quickly.

our agile process

Identify Candidate
Schedule Interview
Present Right Fit to Client